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Affiliates – Earn money through promoting us

In the same way that Amazon became a trillion dollar company through their affiliate programme we also offer an affiliate programme so that we both can benefit if someone signs up to one of our programmes because of you.

We give 10 % of what we earn from a client through the first year of doing business with them as a commission to you. So if for instance a client signs up for the “Done for you with Marketing” book publishing package through you for GBP 25,000 (approx USD 32,500) you receive GBP 2,500 (USD 3,250) as a commission.

How can you help us sell this? You can download a copy of our main presentation and give it to local executives where you live or work. You will get a unique affiliate code so that people can use to receive a 10 % discount. Anytime your code is used, we know that they heard about our service through you. You get paid 60 days after we get paid (as our customers have a 30 day money back guarantee so we need to ensure they don’t cancel before we pay you).

Signup is easy: First Name : Last Name : Email address : Phone Number : Unique Promo Code :

Once registered, you can also upload or let us know about your leads so that we can ensure you get the money you deserve.

You can send this template email:

Subject: Finally get your book written in 2020!

Hi {name},

Have you thought about how a book could help you achieve your goals faster? A great book can position you as an authority in your field. It gives potential clients, employees and suppliers a better understanding of who you are and what your vision is.

Successful people like Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuck and Tony Robbins have all used a book as a core strategy to help them grow their personal brand as well as their business.

If you are curious about making your book happen in 2020 than head on over to www.aartec.com/affiliate_id and enter the “affiliate_id” in the promo code to get a 10 % off on all services. You can have a ghost written book based with London based ghost writers and help you to bring your book out to the world…finally!


{your name}

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