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The book that will change your life is the one you actually write!

What do all the major religions have in common? They have a book at their core that helps them promote their message to billions of people.

You too have a story and knowledge that you would like to share with the world. Having a single place that captures your ideas, philosophies, experiences and story is a powerful tool to not only give back to the world but also increase your own wealth.

Just as money in the bank account is an asset, your property is an asset; your car is an asset so is having words in a book in a structured way an asset.

Your book will help people better understand why they should trust you. People will learn more about your story. And when people trust you, they are ready to buy from you. Whether it be your personal or business services.

The greatest business people have realized the power of books. Donald Trump had a ghost written book “The art of the Deal” in the 1980s that helped create his brand. Because of his book he got seen as the authority in business which helped him get even more deals. Tony Robbins has generated hundreds of millions of dollars on the backend of having published “Awaken the Giant within” and positioning himself as the go to life coach. Richard Branson has ghostwritten “Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography” and several other books to help promote his personal brand that in turn helps push the Virgin brand to both customers and employees. Gary Vaynerchuck published “Crush It” and it has been key in launching his personal brand and generating over USD 100 million for his companies. There is no reason you can’t join these successful authors. The founder of Nike wrote a book to promote his story and the last thing that Steve Jobs did before his death was have a book written on him and his story.

A good book can also be turned into a movie and so your story can reach even more people. Will Smith played Chris Gardner from his book “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Leonardo DiCaprio played Jordan Belfort from his book “The Wolf of Wall Street”. The movie in turn led to much fame for Jordan Belfort, which he was able to cash in on through selling workshops and seminars as well as increasing his speaking fees.

A book will give you prestige in society just like getting a PhD degree that people spend years doing only to have a handful of people read their thesis. People respect authors as they are seen as the intellectuals of society and it is true that authors are contributing their knowledge to society. It is no coincidence that the word “authority” has “author” in it.

We help you with the end-to-end process of getting your book out to the world. We provide you with a ghostwriter so that you can focus on getting your ideas out rather than the chore of structuring it and editing it. Our team publishes over 50 books a month and are behind some of the more successful books which you might not even have heard of.

Some of the books we have helped write, edit or market include:

An editor will proofread the book and our formatters will get the book ready for the ebook, paperback and hardback version. Our designers will help you design the cover you think will work for you and your brand.

A professional voice over artist will record the audio book in one of our audio studios. Audio books are becoming more and more popular as more people prefer to listen to the books while they are in the gym, shopping or commuting.

Along the way you will get coaching on how to monetize your book, your ideas and your business.

If done right a book will be a better investment than putting your money in property. A good knowledge asset is critical in the knowledge economy. When you really start thinking about it you will generate many more ideas of what you could do with your book.

Make 2020 the year that you finally bring your book out to the world. And the book will lead to speaking opportunities such as television, radio, newspapers and podcasts – journalists are always looking for experts and your book makes you the expert in your niche. This free publicity can be used to help sell your products and services.

I am sure you are going to love going through the process of writing your book too. Many of our clients say it is really therapeutic to actually get ideas off their mind and onto paper.

Remember, a book really is an investment in that you will be able to make a return on your book. There are several ways for you to make your return on investment. Everyone benefits from a book in a different way, but I will teach you a few ways in which you can benefit.

Some people simply want a book out there and are not concerned about the monetization side – but we recommend you think hard about monetization as this is a substantial investment in yourself. Besides the monetary benefits though you will love the process of writing the book as it will help you reflect on where you have come from in life, some of the lessons you learned along the way and even help you understand where you are heading.

We can help you end to end on bringing your book to market – from ghost writing your content to publishing it through Amazon.

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Happy publishing!

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