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Who are you?

I am Amir Anzur, a 43 year old internet believer who is currently based in London.

You can check my Linkedin for more about my background or read this website.

Where are you from?

My mother was born in Indonesia, my father was born in India and I was born in England.  I hold a British and Pakistani passport and have lived in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Pakistan while having travelled to countless more countries.

If you had to put me in your nationalistic boxes which John Lennon detested than you could label me as a British-Pakistani.  I am proud of my roots but I also would like to consider myself as a citizen of the world first. 

And after all my travels I am also now a proud Londoner where I plan to be based as this city has the most opportunities in the world!

Can you teach me to quickly make money online?

No.  I don’t have a simple solution for you to quickly make money online.   However, I can teach you the basics of wealth creation and how to get started with using the web to earn an income.

Just as there are thousands of ways to earn an income in the real world, there are thousands of ways to earn through the web. You can get started by reading my free book.  If you aren’t interested in reading you can listen to it or watch some of my videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

What services do you offer?

I offer coaching services to individuals.  This usually happens face-to-face in central London (preferred) or though online.

How can I pay you?

Please transfer the appropriate amount to:

Account Name: Webpreneur Ltd

Sort code: 30-96-64

Account Number: 33955668

Use your mobile number as a reference number.  E.g. “447733003930”

If you have any questions call +447733003930 and speak with Amir directly to help you make the choice of what might be right for you.

Can I spread the word and earn money?

If you spread the word about me and someone you know signs up they get 10 % off if they mention they got the signup through you (they can mention your email, mobile or keyword) and you will also receive 10 % of the income I generate for 1 year from the date of their initial signup.  So if someone signs up for an GBP 1,000 you will generate GBP 100. You can read more about this at www.amiranzur.com/affiliates

+44 77 33 00 3930, amir@amiranzur.com

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