| Testimonials

  • Roz Martin, who went from never having run a business to running a multi-million pound health and beauty business (here she is talking about learning from me.  And here is a newspaper article a few years later talking about her EURO 7 million deal)
  • Soraya Chiah had never run an online business and now employs over 25 people
  • Fatima also had never setup a website and now runs www.cakebox.me where she earns over USD 200,000 per year selling cake supplies online
  • Ksenia feeling much more confident about her business idea
  • Aamnah went from earning less than $200 per month freelancing to becoming the top 1 % of earners in her country.
  • Anwar Ahmad setup a side business and earns over USD 2,000 selling locally produced honey from Pakistan throughout the world
  • Angela Stevens went on to start a music consulting business
  • A lady drives 4 hours from Muscat to Dubai just for my event
  • Sean loved the event
  • Some more love for my event
  • More love from London
  • Some more love from April and Jon
  • Inspired to write her own book

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